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January 11, 2004

Republican Representative Gary Woronchak is term limited out this fall. Who will replace him?

Dearborn School Board member Sharon Dulmage has declared that she is running as a Democrat and Aimee Blackburn, Democrat, is making moves like she will also run.

And Gino Polidori has tossed his hat in as a Democrat.

Well Fast Eddie, Dearborn local bookie, thinks that Sharon and Aimee will knock themselves out in the primary fighting for the honor and the winner will be Gino Polidori.

NOW FOR THE SURPRISE. IF, the only guy running on the Republican side is Gary Gardner, then it's a shoe-in for Gary.

But Fast Eddie claims that the hands-down winner in both the Republican primary and final election will be...
Are you ready?

Kari Guido, wife of Mayor Michael Guido. By the way, Kari has never said what political party she belongs to or that she is even interested in running for office.

Maybe Fast Eddie has had too many sugared doughnuts with his coffee.

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