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Mikey, Can You Hear Me?

March 10, 2002

What do you do when you really like a person, yet you want to tell them that maybe they have gotten arrogant, and that many people are talking about them behind their back. You know the story- "The Emperor Has No Clothes"

Well, I like Mayor Michael Guido a great deal. He is a bright and charming guy. His humor is legendary. Yet, recently he seems to be "full of himself;" forgetting his roots and his humility. I guess success and power and a bodyguard "chauffer" would do that to most of us. It sure as hell would do it to me.

So, Mr. Mayor, might I respectfully request a little less pomp and ceremonies, and more staying at your city hall desk and working less for the photo ops and more for the citizens who gave you your job. With honesty, Russ Gibb. Softly jumping up and down.

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