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Hand Me the Dunce Cap!

January 15, 2002

With regards to standing in the corner, I think I'll go stand in the corner. Particularly for giving Community College Union Boss John McDonald credit for writing a very mudslinging political flyer directed against Abed Hammoud, during the last school board election. [Click here for the original story]

It seems I should have smacked Dearborn School Board members Joe Guido and Sharon Dulmage for writing the scurrilous flyer. However, I still think that Pam Wandless, Jerry Stockwell and James Schoolmaster should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it to be published on their behalf.

In fact, Joe Guido and Sharon Dulmage, you come here and stand in the corner with me. Shame on "US."

And while I'm at it, I do think the romance between John McDonald and Dearborn Press & Guide Publisher Denise Sharp is blooming. However, Ms.Sharp has assured me that she can be objective when it comes to writing stories for her newspaper. And I accept that, "but I'll be watching." I still think they make a neat couple.

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