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Tree Huggers Gone Amuck

January 4, 2002

Did you know that our environment freaks are partly responsible for the Twin Towers collapsing? It's a fact. During the construction of the towers, when they were half way up, the environmentalists put up a public hue and cry against using asbestos to surround the girders. So halfway up the towers, asbestos was no longer used. And of course when the terrorist's attack hit, the jet fuel melted the girders, causing the building to collapse. Just thought you'd like to know.

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Well, the towers should've had some reinforced concrete on their outer walls. For example, the Empire St. Building would have never collapsed from such an attack. The concrete would keep most of the plane and its fuel out of the building, with it landing on the street. But, I still blame the airlines for all of it. They're the most guilty party! Hijackings had been going on for 40 years, yet they NEVER did a thing to secure the cockpits and keep hijackers from entering the cockpits! Appalling!

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